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We Are Better Together!

We believe that life-change happens best in the context of relationships.  We don’t want you just to attend a Sunday gathering. We want you to be part of the family. Life Groups are where we circle up, connect, and become family.  Here at Atmosphere we do life groups in 3  "sessions" throughout the year. Each session lasts around  8-10 weeks. And then, there will be several weeks of break between each session. This allows for our leaders to get rested and refreshed, while also allowing people to attend different groups, if they wish.

Winter session starts in mid-January.
Spring session starts in April/May.
Fall session starts in mid-September.

Signups begin January 18th. More groups will be added up until January 28th.


For more information contact our Life Groups Director, Heidi Rogers.

In addition to our various types of life groups, we also offer a specialized group for those dealing with grief.
This program is called GriefShare. Click below to find out more information.

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We offer Life Groups for couples, singles, young adults, seasoned adults, men, women, moms, pickle ball players, adults in business, crocheting, hiking, and so much more. We know we've got a group for you!