As many of you know, our church began the process of renovating and building out our new space in 2022. At the time we started the building project, the "all-in" cost for the completion of the new auditorium and classrooms was calculated by our contractor and engineers to be $700,000. Thanks to the outrageous generosity of our church, we were able to raise all $700,000 by the end of 2022. However, since this original cost estimate was given to us, we have had the City Of Thousand Oaks call for more mechanical and electrical requirements that were unexpected and not included in our original cost analysis. In addition to these extra costs, we also had unforeseen costs in soundproofing the room from the volleyball academy nextdoor to us. This sound proofing wall alone cost an additional $50,000 that also was not included on the original cost analysis.  As we walked through permitting delays, our contractor and engineers had time to rework the auditorium and upstairs and make room for more seats and an additional classroom. Because we really needed the extra seats and extra classroom, we moved forward with these two changes to the original plans. Those additions to the plans cost approximately $100,000. With all these unexpected and unforeseen costs, we are hoping to raise an additional $200,000 in the next few months to move in to the new space with everything paid in full. Your financial gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. To give specifically to our "Heart For The House" Building Fund, click the link below. 
There is nothing else like building God’s Church! For the past five years we’ve been privileged to be a part of doing just that; adding gatherings and seeing people experience God in life-changing ways. Our mission has always been to reach as many people as we can for the cause of Christ. It’s been an incredible season, we’ve focused our vision, added to our family, and have seen God expand our influence in the Conejo Valley and beyond. Now it’s time to take another step of faith together. We believe God has more for us. For the past five years, we’ve labored to build God’s house in this valley – now it’s time to make a home.

Home is much more than wood, brick, and stone. Home is the place where you grow and are established in life. Having our own building will allow us to provide that place for our community. It will also allow us to provide a more excellent worship experience for people to encounter Jesus. We are so grateful to each of you who call Atmosphere Church home and we would be honored if you would partner with us in this next season building a place we can call home.

Pastor Jim & Tara


This new location will allow us all sorts of new opportunities to reach our community for Jesus. It requires a ton of resources, logistics, and manpower just to pull off mobile church each Sunday. The repurposing of those assets will allow us to better strengthen our church congregation and further share the Gospel with our valley.


A permanent location means that we will have total control over the scheduling of gatherings and events. We’ll be able to gather our church together any day or time that God leads us. This means MORE worship nights, MORE life groups, MORE concerts, MORE conferences, MORE men’s and women’s events, and MORE Young Adult Nights!


We’re thankful for our current kids and student meeting rooms, but these rooms are already too small for us. Adding a new auditorium will allow us to expand our current kids and student rooms. Each age group will have its own environment, custom-designed to best engage them with the Good News of Jesus from an early age.


The new location is settled in the heart of a family-centric community in Westlake Village. We will be able to leverage our location to serve the community like never before. This property will become a light of hope and a hub of generosity for the city.


It’s no secret that God has given us a vision to reach the Conejo Valley for Jesus. This new space will make room for more and serve as our ministry home base as we plan to reach further into the surrounding neighborhoods.


In a culture that is increasingly hostile to churches and the Gospel of Jesus in general, having our own building will ensure that our church can continue to gather regularly. The world around us might flux, but we will get to be a “house built on the rock” and a “city on a hill” in the midst of a turbulent world. We will continue to challenge and influence our culture by the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus.

None of this is possible without your gracious generosity. Please consider giving any amount to help us further the mission God has given us as a church.


  • Atmosphere Projects (building projects)
  • Local Outreach (Serve Days, and community outreach across the Conejo Valley)
  • National Outreach (local churches nationwide, ARC)
  • Global Outreach (partnerships with international ministries such as Streams Of Living Waters School in Zambia)